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Holiday Photo Card Announcements FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions about Holiday Announcements

holiday photo announcement designholiday photo announcement designholiday photo announcement designholiday photo announcement design
Holiday Shipping Details How do I send my photo?
Free Photo Enhancement What payment methods to you accept?
What is the difference between coverstock and photo paper? When will I receive my holiday announcement proof?
Return Address Printing Is a deposit required?
Shipping Details

Your holiday announcements will be shipped 1-7 days after proof approval by U.S Priority Mail, and depending on your zip code and distance from Ames, IA will arrive at your address 1-3 days after they are shipped. Destinations within the continental US pay a flat shipping charge of $8.95 for Priority Mail shipping. Express Shipping via USPS is available for an additional charge based on the weight of your order. Express shipping is 1-2 days depending on your zip code, and rates start from $20. World-Wide Shipping is also available for our overseas customers, call or email for details.

NOTE: The Postal Service is extremely busy during the holiday season. Please note that we cannot ensure that orders placed after December 8th will be received in time to mail before December 25. After December 8th, we suggest creating "Happy New Year" cards!

Free Photo Enhancement Service return to top of page

You benefit from the skills of a professional restoration and enhancement artist free of charge! We'll fix red-eye, remove any unwanted blemishes, whiten teeth and eyes, etc. Your holiday announcements can be created in black and white, color, or sepia-tone (brown tones). We can even colorize portions of your photograph(s) if you'd like. Just specify your preferences on the order form. Your photo(s) will look their absolute best! You don't need to hire a professional photographer you when you choose Chouette Design Group to create your holiday photo announcements!

What is the difference between coverstock and photo paper? return to top of page

If you choose to have your design printed on photo paper, we use a professional archival quality photo paper for our photo paper announcements. This is an upgraded thicker photo paper from the paper most local and on-line labs use. Our photo finishing method meets our exacting standards for quality, color accuracy, and reliability. Coverstock refers to a variety of heavier papers used for such things as postcards, greeting cards, etc. You can choose from 2 papers and 3 finishes. The 100# coverstock is equivalent to 12pt. cardstock and is the same paper most photo announcement companies use. It's about 1.5 times thicker than photo paper. The 100# glossy has a glossy coating added to the regular 100# coverstock which makes it shiny on one side, It also makes the card a bit thicker. The 120# coverstock has a silk matte finish, and it's the thickest paper we offer, and the thickest paper that can be used on the special printers that print photo announcements. The thickness is equivalent to a 14pt cardstock and is about 2.5 times thicker than traditional photo paper as a comparison. Our 120# is the thickest paper you'll find anywhere for photo announcements! Our studio information is tastefully printed in small print on the back of every card and announcement we create.

Return Address Printing return to top of page

You can choose to have your address printed on your envelope in the font matching your design. You can select this convenient service on our secure online order form. You'll choose from the following design options:

return address printing design
return address printing design
return address printing design

return address printing design

no design - please only print what I have written on the order form
return address printing design
return address printing design
return address printing design
return address printing design
How do I send my photo(s) to you? return to top of page
You can upload, email, or mail your photos. You will make this selection during the ordering process. You can upload 1, 2, or 3 photos (max size 2 megs each, in JPG format only) after you place your holiday announcement order. Or you can choose to email your digital photos to Minimum Photo Size Requirements: Your files should be at least 1200x800 pixels to ensure you get the best results. Make sure to send the full image, not one put through an email program that will shrink it. If the photos you send are smaller than the minimum requirements, your proof will be delayed while we contact you to receive the correct file(s). To check your photo: locate the original folder that you downloaded your photos into from your camera. Find the file you want, and right-click on it. Choose "properties" to check the size. The photo should be larger than 800x1000 pixels (or around 200K+ if you don’t have pixel dimensions listed). This is the photo you want to upload. And if you email it, attach it directly from your computer, and if your email program asks if you are attaching a file or photo, choose "file" in case your email program automatically shrinks photos. You can also mail your lab-printed photo to us.
What payment methods are accepted? return to top of page
We accept Visa and MasterCard directly, or American Express and Discover through Paypal. Either way is secure, and you'll make your choice during the ordering process. While we collect your payment information at the time of your order, if you choose to pay by paypal, your payment is only due once you approve a proof. And if you choose to pay us directly by Visa or MasterCard, your card is only charged once you have reviewed your invoice, approved a proof, and your order is ready to ship.
Do I have to pay a deposit?return to top of page
No. Deposits are not required to start on your holiday announcement design.
When will I receive my proof? return to top of page
Our current proofing schedule is 2 business days (M-F). You will be added to our proofing schedule based on the time your complete (your photos must meet our minimum size requirements) order is submitted . We create proofs M-F from 10-5 CST, so if your complete order is submitted after 5 pm CST, your order is considered received the next business day at 10am CST. Please make sure is on your "approved sender" list or "whitelist" and/or in your "address book" so you receive your proof in your email inbox. We have never been late on a proof, so if you expect one and haven't received it, we either don't have what we need and have sent an email with more information, or the proof is stuck somewhere or couldn't be emailed (full mailbox, undeliverable, etc). You will receive unlimited free revisions with the photo in your proof. If you decide to change photos after a proof has been created, there is an additional $19 charge for the extra photo work.
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