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Chouette Design Group Privacy Policy

It's simple really. Any information we collect from you while you visit this site, or when you place an order, stays with us. We will never sell your information or name to anyone, ever. You will occasionally receive our newsletter that includes a link in every email to unsubcribe if you wish to do so.

From time to time, we may add or change the examples we feature on our sites and in our marketing materials. We reserve the right to use the designs we create from your orders for marketing and website use. If we do feature your design without contacting you first, we will change all identifying information so you, and your design, remain anonymous. If you would prefer we not use your design as an example at all, that is no problem. Just let us know.

Your privacy is important to us, and if you have any questions about our privacy statement just give Lisa a call at 1-877-268-1688 or in Ames call 515-268-1688. Or send an email to You'll get a quick response.

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