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Philosophy I created my first photo announcement (a birth announcement for a friend) in 2001. Ten years later, I'm still offering you announcement designs that are completely special, and completely different - worthy of your once in a lifetime event! My designs are one-of-a-kind. Just like you! I enjoy the challenge & fun of creating a different design for each of you, a design that fits your particular photo, style and event. And I'll make your photo look like it was taken by a professional...even if it wasn't!

My company's success comes from my passion for great design, prompt, personal service and attention to detail. I am honored to have the opportunity to create a design for you in this exciting time in your life. I understand the importance of this occasion, whether it is your baby's birth, the arrival of your adopted son or daughter, your child's first birthday party invitation, or any other special event. I will give you, and your design, the attention and care it deserves. With each new order, and every new photo, I find new inspiration. Our custom announcement collaboration will produce a unique, one-of-a-kind announcement design...just for you. And if you are choosing a template-based holiday design, you can expect the same level of exclusivity, creativity and service. I approach your order the same way I would approach a blank canvas: with the goal to create a piece of art that both you and I will be proud of. I will use my design and photo enhancement skills on your photograph to make sure you say Wow! And you'll be amazed how fast and easy the process is. Read the testimonials for unsolicited comments about my announcement design and service.

Background Having studied fine art and graphic design in college, I started Chouette (pronounced Shoe-ette) Design Group in 1999 while living in Dijon, France. Why France? My husband is an historian of France, and we lived in Dijon two years so he could do research for his dissertation. It was there that I discovered my passion for digital photography and began learning the photo restoration and enhancement skills I have now mastered. Merging these new skills with my design and art skills to create one-of-kind announcements was a natural choice. I decided to name my company Chouette Design Group because chouette means "owl" in French (chouette is also slang for "neat" or "cool"), and la chouette is an important icon in Dijon, a city I fell in love with and hope to visit often, and retire to one day. Back in the US, I realize that chouette isn't the easiest word to pronounce, but I can't bring myself to change it, even though a friend in marketing says "what a terrible name for a business!".

I own and run Chouette Design Group, and I'm just an email, or a quick call away. If you have any questions or special requests, just let me know! I look forward to creating something beautiful and unique for you too.

















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