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FAQ about our custom photo announcement service

Why should I choose you? Do you only design birth announcements?
How do I get my photo to you? Can I send more than one image? Are envelopes included? Can I get them ahead of time? Will you print my return address on them for me?
Can you make my color photo sepia or black and white? Can you make my photo look better? How will I know that I like it?
What methods of payment are accepted?
What is your return policy?
Do I have to pay a deposit?
Do you create birth announcements for multiples, adoptions and special births? How long before I get my proof?
How long will it take for me to get my order? What paper do you print on? What is the difference between glossy and lustre photo paper?
Can I order more later? Do you have any photo-taking tips?
Can I order a sample? I don't get it. If I don't order a specific design, how do I know what I'm getting?

Why should I choose you? back to top
As a graphic designer, fine artist, and professional photo restoration artist, I have the creativity and skill you want when it comes to creating your special announcement. My speciality is having the ability to make your photo look like it was taken by a professional...even if it wasn't! Once I receive your completed order and photo(s), I send you a proof of your design by email within 48 hours (M-F). Changes can be made to your proof with the original photo. Up to three revisions are included to ensure your satisfaction! My objective is to create a one-of-a-kind photo announcement for you that you will be incredibly proud to share with friends and family. All the custom announcement designs on this site are completely unique. I don't use templates; every design I create is just for YOU. Your photo is my inspiration, and in conjunction with your notes on your order form, I start your design. Consider me to be your own personal artist! Check out our gallery slideshow to see some before and after examples. See for yourself how your photos can be transformed! Read some of the birth announcement testimonials from families who have chosen Chouette Design Group to design their custom photo birth, adoption and holiday announcements. I look forward to working with you too!

Do you only design birth announcements and adoption announcements? back to top
I enjoy designing announcements of all kinds. Whether the announcement is for a wedding, to save-the-date, a holiday, a religious celebration, or any other occasion, I am happy to help you. View other samples on our adoption announcement page or our other announcement page. And for the holidays, we offer our one-of-a-kind service, plus exclusive designs I've created for my customers. Questions? Contact me to discuss your particular project.

How do I get my photo to you? Can I send more than one image?back to top
You can upload, email, or mail your photos, and you will make this selection during the ordering process. You can upload 1, 2, or 3 photos (max size 2 megs each, in JPG format only) after you place your birth announcement order. Or you can choose to email your digital photos. Your file should be at least 1200x800 pixels in order to ensure you get the best results. Make sure to send the full image, not one put through an email program that will shrink it. You can also mail your lab-printed photo to us and we will scan it for you at no charge.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you send the full-size image, and not one that has been reduced in size. If you're uploading, emailing, or mailing a digital image, you might check your camera's manual to make sure you are taking your photo at the highest resolution. This will ensure there will be no delay in getting your proof.

You can send two or three images if you would like me to choose the photo. And if you'd like to include extra photos in your design (no more than two extra photos is recommended in order to keep the design from being too busy), let me know on your order form which photo is your favorite so I can use that as a main image. Keep in mind, however, that my unlimited revisions are for the photo(s) in your original design --- If you decide to change or add a photo (or photos) after a proof has been created, there will be an additional $19 fee per photo added to your order for the extra work. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, so please make sure you select a photo you're happy with. This way, you'll be completely thrilled!

Are envelopes included? Can I pre-order my envelopes? back to top
Yes, we include a perfect-fit classic white 70# stationery envelope (heavier than "normal" envelopes) with a square flap. Note: square envelopes for square announcements are 60#. We will send you 4 extra envelopes for every 50 announcements ordered. We also have vellum envelope upgrades available if you're ordering a 4.25x6.5, 4.5x6 or 5x7 announcement. See the photo announcement pricing page for info.

You can also order your envelopes ahead of time. Questions? Email me!

Save time! We also offer an additional, optional service to print your return address centered on the envelope flap. Your address will be centered, and printed on the envelope flap in the design you prefer below, using a font that matches your custom birth announcement design. Cost: just 30¢ each!

baby feet

two name
no name-upper
five dots

Can you make my color photo sepia-tone or black and white? Can you make my photo look better? back to top
Sure we can! And we will. We use our graphic design PLUS our photo restoration and enhancement skills to ensure your photo looks amazing. Whether it was professionally snapped or not! See a couple examples below. No matter what your photo needs, your results will be natural, and beautiful. Your friends and family will simply see a perfect image. We also place and crop your image it for maximum effect, so please send your image to us un-cropped, and in the original color for maximum flexibility in our designing. Send your favorite photo - the photo that you feel captures your baby/child/family the best. We'll make sure it looks terrific! before and after photo enhancement example


How will I know that I like it? back to top
Before your announcements are printed, a proof will be emailed to you. Your approval is necessary before printing, and if changes are made, another proof will be sent to you. Up to three revisions are included! Your announcements won't be printed until you are thrilled!

What payment methods are accepted? What is your return policy? back to top
We accept all major credit cards. We accept Visa and MasterCard directly, and when you provide your Visa or Mastercard information at the time you place your order, your card is not charged until your order ships. We accept American Express or Discover through Paypal, and when you indicate you will pay by Paypal, you will receive a payment button during the proofing process so you can pay your balance once you approve your proof. Both payment options are secure, and you'll make your choice during the ordering process.

Return Policy: Due the nature of our work, returns are not accepted unless the announcements were damaged as a result of negligent packaging. If this happens to you return the damaged announcements and we will send out replacements as soon as possible. If you discover an error after you approve your proof, and your announcements/envelopes/other items have been printed, we will re-print the order for you with the correction at 1/2 price, plus the cost of shipping. We offer up to three revisions on your design with the photo(s) in your proof to ensure accuracy and your happiness with your announcements. If you would like to see the paper we print on before you place your order, order a sample pack to see examples of our work printed on both photo paper and thicker coverstock.

Do I have to pay a deposit? back to top
We do not require a deposit to get started on your custom birth announcement design.

Do you create birth announcements for multiples, adoptions, and special births? back to top
Yes! Since your design is completely custom, it can be anything you want. You tell me what you have in mind, and I will do the rest for you! We have created special announcements for baby adoptions, toddler adoptions, twins, triplets...even quadruplets! Visit our adoption announcement page to see some adoption announcement examples.

How long before I get my proof? back to top
Within two business days (M-F) after receiving your photo & design details. Make sure to check your email often!
Please make sure is on your "approved sender" list or "whitelist" and/or in your "address book".

How long will it take for me to get my order? back to top
After you approve a final proof and your payment information is received, orders are printed and shipped to you. Please allow 5-8 business days for your order to be printed and arrive at your door.

What paper do you print on? What is the difference between lustre and glossy photo paper?back to top
Currently, 4.5x6, 5x7 and 5 x 5 birth announcements are printed on a premium glossy or matte lustre photo paper (see more info below). The 4.25x6.5, 5.25x5.25 and 5 x 7 birth announcements are printed on a premium 120# white matte cover stock (the weight is similar to a high-end greeting card, or about 2 - 2.5 times thicker than photo paper). If you are a paper person (you know who you are), I recommend the cover stock. Notecards are printed on one of three high-quality papers depending on your use for it. If you have any question about the printing methods or papers, I strongly recommend ordering a $2 sample birth announcement pack.

Our photo prints are printed in a professional lab on premium Fuji photo paper. The glossy finish gives you a shiny look, while the lustre (matte) photo paper gives a "flatter" appearance. The lustre photo paper resists fingerprints, so it is a favorite of our customers. I think both papers are beautiful; your decision is a personal one.

Can I order more later? back to top
Of course you can, so long as we have your file. Just email us! The same minimums apply for re-prints printed on cardstock (but call, we might have a couple extra here), but if you'd like re-prints printed on lustre or glossy photo paper, there are no minimums on your re-orders. We will do everything within our power to have your file available should you need it. We cannot guarantee your file will be available for any specific amount of time, however, due to natural disasters and possible computer melt-downs and glitches.

Do you have any photo-taking tips? back to top
Well sure I do! First, make sure the photo you take is clear and free from shadows. Use the flash unless you have really good light. If you're using a digital camera, make sure you're using a high resolution setting, and always use the flash unless you're taking the photo outside in the bright sun! Put your baby in a natural position if possible. You can always have someone hold the baby but keep their hands out of the way. Then I can either remove the background, or blur it to keep the focus on your baby. Read our baby photo taking tips!

Can I order a sample? back to top Yes you can. I will send you a variety of samples printed on coverstock and photo paper so you can see the quality of the printing and paper. Your sample is just $2 to help defray my cost in sending them, and also include an envelope with return address printing, a vellum insert, and an example of the custom seal. Shipping is free! Click here to order a sample.

I don't get it. If I don't order a specific design, how do I know what I'm getting? back to top You don't exactly, since everything I do is custom designed - just for you. But you'll love the design, and I know this because I give you up to three revisions with the original photo(s) in your proof to ensure your satisfaction! Plus, I have a 100% satisfaction rate. By looking at my design sample gallery, you can see my style. If you like my style, you'll love your design! And just read what other customers say on our testimonial page!

And please, check out the designs gallery for photo-taking inspiration & to see the birth announcement designs I came up with from the original photos sent to me!

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